Caramel Crisp has been become very well known for having the Best.Cookies.Ever!  We use nothing but the best ingredients!  Caramel Crisp developes all their cookies in house making test batch after test batch until they are worthy of the the title, Best.Cookies.Ever!

Our cookies are baked all day in small quantites to offer you the freshest cookies possible!  We have variety of cookies to choose from, selection varies from 18 to 30 different types! 

Turtle Cookie: This buttery cookie is loaded with milk chocolate, rich caramel and pecans.

Sugar cut-out Cookie: This classic cookie is an all time favorite!  Shapes and colored sugar change with the time of year.

Lemon Cookie: Our Lemon cookie is loaded with lemon flavor, white chocolate and coconut!

Classic Oatmeal: Oatmeal cookie with raisins and cinnamon

Snickerdoodle:  This buttery yummy cookie is rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

Monster Cookie: No added flour oatmeal cookie with peanut butter, chocolate chips and M&M's.

Peanut Butter Monster: No added flour peanut butter oatmeal cookie with peanut butter chips, and Reeses pieces.

Fudgy M&M Cookie: This is an egg free, super chocolatey cookie topped with M&M's.

Triple Chocolate Cookie: Our buttery cookie loaded with White chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate chips.

Peanutty Caramel: Peanut Butter cookie with peanuts, chocoalte and caramel

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie: Rich Chocolate cookie loaded with chocolate chunks.

Frosted Cake Cookie: Butter cream frosting tops this cake like cookie with seasonal fun sprinkles

Chocolately Caramel: Milk chocolate cookie with caramel and toffe

Guiltless: Our no added sugar oatmeal cookie sweatened with honey, orange, cranberry, and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel: Peanut butter cookie loaded with that sweet salty taste from crunchy pretzels and chewy caramel, plus the bonus of milk chocolate.

Midnight Mint: Deep chocolate cookie with cool mint chips and loaded with oreos.

Peanut Butter Explosion: Rich chocolate cookie loaded with peanut butter chips and peunut butter cups.

Molasses: Our spicy sweet molasses cookie rolled in sugar.

Circus Animal Cookie: A fun twist, buttery sugar cookie loaded with cookies! topped with more circus animal cookies.