Cafe Menu


Lattes* Hot or Iced: vanilla (SF), hazelnut (SF), caramel (SF), cinnamon, gingerbread, pumpkin, toasted marshmallow, peppermint, mocha, white mocha

Frappuccinos & Cappuccinos: mocha, peppermint mocha, vanilla latte, white mocha, java chip, caramel

Smoothies: strawberry, wildberry, pomegranate-blueberry, peach, mango

Chai Tea: Hot or Iced: vanilla, spiced, chocolate, or pumpkin

Steamers, Hot Chocolate, Espresso, Americanos, Hot Teas, Hot Apple Cider, Hot and Iced Coffee are also available

*2%, skim, soy, & almond milks available


Breakfast & Bakery

Frittata Veggie or Meat & Potato $4.00

Breakfast Sandwich Bacon or Sausage with egg and cheese on choice of a buttermilk buscuit, bagel or croissant $3.50

Bagel & Cream Cheese: Choice of Everything bagel or Plain $2.50

Cinnamon Roll with cream cheese frosting $2.00

Muffins: choice of Zucchini Raisin, Blueberry, or Cranberry Walnut $2.00

Scone: Turtle $2.00

Granola Cereal*: Nutty, Cranberry Nut, or Blueberry Almond with milk* $2.00

Bearclaw: Raspberry Cream Cheese $3.00

Bars & Scotcharoos $2.50

Coffee Cake: Blueberry $2.50

Cream Puff: $3.50

Pie, Cake, & Cheesecake Slices $3.50

Cookie $1.40 (buy 5, get 6th free!)

Deli-style Salads
Specialty Salads served on a bed of mixed greens or spinach with a bread stick or kettle chips
Small $6.50 or Large $8.00

Below is a description of all our salads, please refer to "Today's Salads" on the right to see what salads are available today.  Thank You!

Chicken Bruschetta: tomatoes, basil, onion, and seasoned chicken in a balsamic vinaigrette topped with mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Cashew: seasoned chicken, green onions, red grapes, and celery in a mayonnaise dressing topped with cashews.

Mediterranean Tortellini Vegetarian: tortellini, tomato, red onion, basil, cucumber, artichoke, & olives in a Greek dressing topped with Feta cheese.

Chicken Curry: chicken, quinoa, peppers, carrot, onion, & cranberries in curry chutney topped with peanuts.

Turkey Broccoli:  turkey, bacon, broccoli, onion, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes in mayonnaise dressing topped with sunflower seeds.

Dill Pickle Pasta: dill pickles, cheddar cheese, onion,& pasta in mayonnaise sour cream dressing.

Crab: imitation crab meat, celery, cucumber, tomato, green onion, & dill in sour cream mayonnaise dressing.

Soups & Pastas

Soup of the Day, Mac & Cheese
Soup choices change daily

By the cup (no side included) $3.00

By the bowl
12 oz bowl served with a breadstick OR chips  $4.00

By the quart (32 oz, no side) $9.00

Soup and sandwich Combo
Price contingent on sandwich choice, plus $1.00

Texas Style Chili

Topped with cheese, onions, & sour cream

By the cup (no side included) $4.00

By the bowl
12 oz bowl served with a breadstick OR chips  $5.00

By the quart (32 oz, no side) $12.00

Soup and sandwich Combo
Price contingent on sandwich choice, plus $1.50

Hot Dogs & Old-Fashioned Sandwiches
Served with your choice: chips & a pickle, potato salad, or coleslaw

Upgrade your side for $1.00: cup of soup, cup of mac n cheese, or fresh fruit

Try a deli side salad for $2.00 upgrade

Classic Grilled Cheese $5.00

Hot Dog  $4.50

Chicago Dog $5.50

Buffalo Chicken $6.50

Shredded Beef $6.50

Shredded Chicken $6.00

BBQ Pulled Pork $6.00

Sloppy Joe $4.50

Feature Grilled Cheese $6.50

Below is a description of all our feature grilled cheese sandwiches, ordering options change frequently. Thank You!

Caprese: smoked provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese, spinach, basil, tomato, red onion, & pesto mayo on a focaccia bun. 

Dilly Bacon: cheddar cheese, bacon, & dill pickles on Texas toast bread.

Jalapeno Popper: cheddar cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, bacon, & jalapenos on Texas toast bread.

Pepperoni Pizza: mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, pizza sauce, & pepperoni on Texas toast bread.

Ham, Egg, & Cheese: ham, cheddar cheese, egg patty, & seasoned cream cheese on Texas toast.