Tuning Into Your Body's Rhythm

Tuning Into


Body’s Rhythm

October 13,20,27, & November 3. 6PM-8PM

Are you sick and tired of feeling worn out and just "not well"? Have you spent endless energy and resources combing the internet for the "right" solution to your health concern or chronic fatigue problem? Have you already tried a few holistic health approaches to "fix" the problem, only to get halfway there? What if the root of the so-called "problem" had less to do with the physical body and more to do with attuning the mind to the ideal rhythm of the physical body? Our culture tends to put doing above being, comparing ourselves to unrealistic perceptions of others above accepting our own innate capacities and gifts, and honoring timelines and routines above connecting to the moment, recognizing truth and then acting from that place.

This course is about establishing the simple, yet powerful foundation of discovering and honoring your body's unique rhythm. We will address sleep, physical nourishment, how energy is truly generated and preserved, and begin to open doors to a new sense of being that is filled with greater joy and a sense of real energy. This is not another silver-bullet, quick fix approach that will eventually fall flat on its face...engaging in and applying these principles will open up an amazing journey towards discovering yourself on a deeper level and taking greater ownership of your health and wellbeing. It is about self-love, self-empowerment, and commitment to the process of lifelong learning. These foundational elements MUST be in place for any well-designed health restoration program to work!

Classical Chinese medicine says that the root of all physical imbalance or "dis-ease" in the body starts at the level of the heart. Life coaching operates from the principal that the solution to "what's wrong" is already contained somewhere within you that you have yet to access for yourself. Danielle and Courtney will combine the knowledge of these two powerful truths to support your journey. If something inside you immediately responds "yes, I'm at that place," you are the perfect place to attend our intro class "Tuning Into Your Body's Rhythm's" on October 6 at 6pm at Caramel Crisp Cafe.

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Friday, October 13, 2017 - 6:00pm