Wine & Beer


Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon $16 bottle    -    California; ripe blackberry & cherry flavors accented by spices & toasted oak

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon $8 bottle  $3 glass    -     Argentina; jammy with wild berries & currants enhanced by toasted oak & cloves

Apothic Red Winemaker’s Blend $12 bottle    -     California; blend of zinfandel, merlot, syrah, & cabernet sauvignon; dark red fruit tastes with hints of vanilla & mocha

Flip Flop Wines Fizzy Chill Red $3 glass    -    California; grape wine beverage

Flip Flop Wines Fizzy Sangria $3 glass    -    California; grape wine beverage


Josh Cellars Chardonnay $14 bottle    -    California; bright tropical flavors highlighted by French oak; bold, expressive, unassuming, & approachable

Barefoot Chardonnay $8 bottle $3 glass    -    California; peaches, green apples, honey, & vanilla flavors for a buttery finish

Barefoot Moscato $8 bottle $3 glass    -    California; peaches, apricots, lemons, & oranges make for a crisp, refreshing finish

Wollersheim Prairie Fume $16 bottle  $5 glass    -    Prairie du Sac, WI; semi-dry with citrus & tropical flavors

Wollersheim White Riesling $15 bottle  $5 glass    -    Prairie du Sac, WI; fragrant semi-sweet with peaches & apricots

Ecco Domani Italia Pinot Grigio $12 bottle    -    Italy; crisp with floral & tropical flavors

J. Roget Champagne Spumante $3 glass    -    New York; sparkling wine naturally fermented in classic Italian tradition

Spumante Mimosa $4 glass    -    Spumante & orange juice cocktail

Flip Flop Wines Fizzy Crisp White $3 glass    -    California; grape wine beverage

Flip Flop Wines Fizzy Pink Moscato $3 glass    -    California; grape wine beverage

CRAFT ALE, LAGER, & CIDER~ $3 bottle             

Fox River Brewing Company Blu Bobber Ale    -    Oshkosh, WI; lightly fruity & sweet with blueberries & a true blue color

Bare Bones Brewery Happy Tail Ale    -    Oshkosh, WI; crisp & smooth cream ale

New Glarus Brewing Company Spotted Cow    -    New Glarus, WI; fun, fruity, & satisfying naturally cloudy ale

New Glarus Brewing Company Totally Naked Lager    -    New Glarus, WI; beer at its most basic; light, pure, crisp, mellow, & smooth

Stevens Point Brewery Onyx Ale    -    Stevens Point, WI; dark, rich, roasty, & complex with hints of chocolate

Cider Boys Cider Company First Press Cider    -    Steven Point, WI; traditional hard apple cider; gluten free

Cider Boys Cider Company Peach County Cider    -    Stevens Point, WI; apple peach hard cider; gluten free